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John Collier Survey


The need for good environmental governance, climate change and a zero-carbon footprint loom ever larger of everyone’s radar and Alistair Collier, the founder of the John Collier Golf Survey (JCS), summarised his feeling on these key areas for golf clubs as follows:

“Governments are steadily moving on from a concentrated focus on the serial polluters in their own back yard and large corporations involved in larger scale activity such as mining and electricity generation to smaller enterprises.

Happily, many businesses have taken up the call proactively, by ‘doing their bit’ and engaging in their own initiatives at a company level to help support the global emissions targets set for 2050”.

Alistair continued:

“In the very near future this will result in a fundamental change to how we live and behave, especially since US President Biden borough the USA both back on and in line after the ‘Trump experiment’!

Golf clubs in South Africa have the opportunity to get ahead of the game, not only because this will be good for the environment, but also because it will be good for business.”

JCS provides a service, which is FOC to South Africa’s golf clubs and which comes with tools and documentation designed specifically for this regions’ climatic, environmental and governance challenges.

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