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Golf Events

No other major ball game offers the same level of personal and interactive networking opportunities that can be provided by a well-run, professionally managed golf event.
As a result of the effectiveness of golf as a medium through which to engage with guests and staff, the golf calendar is a ‘rolling maul’ of golf days, all of which compete for attention and in which it has become progressively more difficult to make your company event stand out as a ‘must attend’ occasion.


We have been running events for over 30 years and understand the need to make your company golf event memorable. To achieve this we create innovative formats and themes, which will help ensure that your company golf event becomes an eagerly anticipated annual occasion in the diaries of your company’s guests, clients and staff.


Many companies are willing to spend thousands of Rands on a few minutes of light entertainment for their guests at a prize-giving function.
For the same investment, or in many cases even less, a Pro-Am format will offer much more value and the host company’s guest will enjoy the experience of being with a professional golfer for 18 holes.
Our 5-ball playing format ensures that key space on your guest list is not reduced by the involvement of professional golfers with each team.



The unique Pro-Am team alliance scoring format allows for the

involvement of ‘weaker’ players, with no adverse impact on the

enjoyment of the ‘better’ golfers in the field. The format is a key

element which allows the host company to broaden the scope of

potential invitees and is one which will ensure a unforgettable day for

all the participants - whatever their handicap.

Charity Golf Events

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Charity golf is a highly competitive event ‘market place’ with many different and worthy causes and charities competing for the golfers’. 
Professionally run charity golf events can make for a great day for both the participants and the beneficiaries.
We provide innovative concepts and solutions to help make your golf charity event ‘stand out from the crowd’.

For more information about all our services please contact John Cockayne:

Telephone: +27 (0) 73 8967931 | Email:


Richard Pike
Chief Executive Officer

I first met John Cockayne in the context of his running the first Adcorp / RCP Pro-Am event at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington some six years ago.
The event John originally proposed to us has been highly successful and is now in its seventh year. His recommendation to involve professional golfers along with the novel “5 ball Cockayne scramble” format, has been an unqualified success over these past years in terms of the both the response and participation of Adcorp’s Group companies as well as our participating clients and guests.
As a result of his initial recommendations, the Pro-Am has now become an annual fixture and John’s continuing innovation by adding new elements each year to keep the event ‘fresh’ has greatly assisted in the continued success of the event.
This type of event provides the Adcorp Holdings Group an opportunity to interact with and to thank key customers. Central to this is the effectiveness and format of the event itself. John’s professional and competent organisation and administration of the event has made the Adcorp / RCP Pro-Am the success it is today.
In this regard, John’s management of the event has been first rate and he is a credit to both the professional event management and the PGA.

Adcorp Holdings

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