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John Cockayne has been involved in event design and management since the early 1980’s.

His experience in this highly specialised sector is eclectic and broad based.

He has designed and managed events for many clients including Sun International, South African Airways, San Lameer, The Rhino and Elephant Foundation, Avis Lease, the Delta Motor Corporation, South African Broadcasting Corporation and the City of Tshwane.

It has seen him involved in developing and managing events solutions both for corporate and tourism clients.

These have ranged from new vehicle launch events for Delta Motor Corporation and International Trade Fairs for the City of Johannesburg to international tournaments such as the Africa Inter-Cities Golf Challenge which he designed and ran for Sun International and South African Airways.

The events shown in this section are new developments designed to provide his clients with a defined call to action in support of their regional and international marketing activities.

Please note that the schedules shown include all of the possible venues, but that a final itinerary can be customized to suit your budget and  preferred dates of travel.


For more information, please contact John Cockayne - see details at the foot of this page.

Gary Player Designed Golf Courses' Challenge South Africa 2021

Blair Atholl Golf and Equestrian Estate
Lost City Golf Club
Lost City Golf Club
Gary Player Country Club
Gary Player Country Club
Erinvale Country and Golf Estate
Erinvale Country and Golf Estate
Fancourt The Links
Fancourt Outeniqua
Fancourt Montagu
Dainfern Golf Estate
Dainfern Golf Estate
Blair Atholl Golf and Equestrian Estate

Jack Nicklaus Designed Golf Courses' Challenge South Africa 2021

Serengeti Golf Estate
Houghton Golf Club
Simola Golf & Country Estate
St Francis Links
Pearl Valley Golf Club

Royal Golf Clubs of South Africa Challenge

Royal J&K
Royal J&K East Course
Royal Durban Golf Club
Royal Port Alfred Golf Club
Royal Cape Golf Club 1


Michael Braidwood
Operations Director

I first came into contact with John in 2010 in the context of his application to Braemar Golf for the position of Director of Golf at the PGA National development just outside Moscow.
Following the interview process culminating in a meeting with the client representative in London, John was the first choice for the position, but family problems ruled him out of taking the role and he was both good enough and professional enough to communicate this personal ‘issue’ with us just after the meeting in London in order to avoid the difficulties which may have arisen for Braemar had he been on site for some months and then been forced to resign.
We then entered into discussions for John to become the Marketing and Communications Director for Braemar, which role was scheduled to commence during 2012.
It was as Braemar’s Marketing and Communications Director that John was sent to on ‘secondment’ to Muscat in 2011, where due to the prevailing employment regulations in Oman John was employed directly by Muscat Hills GC.
At a difficult stage in the Club’s development, John achieved all of the strategic tasks which he was assigned and also added great value in other areas such as the negotiations with and structure of PDO Club’s membership at Muscat Hills.
At the end of his contract period in Oman in January 2012, the discussions about the marketing and communications role with Braemar were continued. Eventually it was felt by both parties that with John now preferring to be in a green grass position as opposed to a head office type role and the market-place in general terms it would be best for both Braemar and John to remain independent, although it was agreed that we should remain in contact. 
John’s very broad based experience and skills, which made him ideal for a ‘pioneer type’ role i.e. the requirement in Russia, would allow him to fit into and contribute effectively within virtually any management structure. Although he has extensive experience in custodial management roles, his innovative and creative approach to problems are particularly suited for a facility which is new to market, or looking to reinvent itself in terms of its events, marketing, branding and revenue strategies.

Braemar Golf Management

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